BARGAINING FOR ISRAEL: In the Shadow of Armageddon

BARGAINING FOR ISRAEL: In the Shadow of Armageddon

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by Mona Johnian

What was really behind Rabin’s assassination? · Were today’s Middle East events foretold centuries ago? · Will Rabin’s death and other dramatic developments in Israel ultimately affect your future? Bargaining for Israel answers these and many other questions as it reveals how today’s political situation was foretold with incredible accuracy even thousands of years ago. In her new book, Mona Johnian reveals not only how the contending Middle Eastern nations are "locked in" to biblical prophecy, but also how current world affairs are about to affect your life. With clarity and insight, she explains what will take place in the near future and presents the plan that will heal all nations and ultimately bring the long-awaited peace to Israel and the world. The Bargaining for Israel will intrigue you…

-as it presents clear evidence as to why the nations are failing to achieve peace. -as you gain a fuller understanding of the situation behind those daily T.V. and newspaper stories.

-as you learn what lies ahead in the new Millennium. The Bargaining for Israel will inspire you…

-as God’s plan to heal all nations is revealed. -as you see evidence of God’s steady hand in the midst of an unsteady generation.

-as you grasp a clearer understanding of the wonderful future God has for you.